Everyone feels lonely, sad, or angry at times. This can be the result of a traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, injustice, divorce, or unpleasant experiences from your childhood or even during your mother’s pregnancy. Sometimes we carry unexplained symptoms such as depression, insomnia, anger, anxiety, addiction, bodily pains such as migraines or neck/back pain, and excessive worrying.
These symptoms may have arisen because the body has stored traumatic and shocking events within itself. Traumatic and shocking events are called trauma. Often, you may not even be aware of these traumas. Trauma Release Breathwork is a powerful method that invites the body to release old history that has been stored in the body and gain insights. So that you can experience more freedom. You are allowed to awaken and heal to become who you truly are. After the session, you will feel more space and flow in your body.
Trauma does not only mean the most unthinkable and horrible events such as rape, accidents, murder, war trauma, violence, neglect, etc. Developmental trauma, even in the womb or during birth that did not go as desired, a teacher who did not see you or hurt you, a parent who was not emotionally present, a raised voice, or a move can also be traumatic. Trauma can also be an inherited piece from your family, passed down from generation to generation.
We speak of trauma when it comes to memories of unpleasant and shocking events. With Trauma Release Breathwork, we can face these events together and find peace and space for you. So that you can create a life with more balance, strength, compassion, creativity, vitality, life energy, and self-love.


The name Kundalini comes from Sanskrit and has its origin in Tantric Buddhism.

Kundalini is life force, also known as life energy, and is connected to our “energy body” according to tantric tradition, located at the base of the spine where the root chakra and sacral chakra are also located. Chakras are rotating energy centers, distributed along the spine from the tailbone to the crown, and according to certain esoteric traditions, even beyond our energy field. Our entire energy field has energy channels called “nadis.”
Kundalini energy begins to awaken from the base of the spine, moving upward… as a result of spiritual practices and/or life experiences that impact your chakras and personal development. This process can be slow or spontaneous, as if an explosion is taking place. When chakras are blocked, the process is slower. Energy must flow freely as Kundalini rises along the spine. Any blockage hinders the upward flow of energy. An awakened Kundalini is powerful. It helps you to reach higher consciousness, open your heart, raise your vibration, and increase your creativity.
By practicing Kundalini yoga (an ancient form of yoga) that combines dynamic physical exercises with powerful breathing techniques, mantras (healing sounds), and meditations, more space is created in your body. Kundalini yoga is highly focused on consciousness and activates all the chakras. Ultimately, you will experience more energy, flow, love, and awareness.