Hawaiian healing


Lomi Lomi massage. A gentle rhythmic massage focused on relaxation and healing. A full body treatment performed with beautiful, long, flowing movements over the entire length of the body, primarily using the forearms. Like waves of the ocean, lifting energy blockages, washing away tension in the body, and stimulating the natural energy flow in the body. It’s almost like a dance. Lomi Lomi is not a traditional massage because the magic of Lomi Lomi penetrates beyond just the physical body. Although the literal meaning in Hawaii (where it originates from) is to push, pull, and knead, the grace and flowing movements combined with the intention of ALOHA (unconditional universal love) are infused with Hawaiian magic, providing true surrender, balance, healing, and transformation! It benefits not only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental, and heart space.

If you are ready for:
• Total surrender
• Ceremonial magic
• Receiving self-love
• A spiritual and meditative experience
• Music specially selected for you
• Deeper connection with the wisdom of your body


Ho’oponopono is an ancient forgiveness ritual from the Hawaiian wisdom teachings of Huna. It means “to make things right.” Ho’oponopono is love in action and a fast track to the source of life. It is a simple four-step process that teaches you to unconditionally forgive yourself and others, to love, and to do better. You don’t need gurus, you don’t need to suffer, you don’t even need to understand how it works, but it works!

  • I’m sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • I love you/me.
  • Thank you.

These are the four phrases that I, or we can say together during a Lomi Lomi ceremony. It is also possible to practice a Ho’oponopono exercise/meditation with me, either before or combined with a Lomi Lomi ceremony, by mutual agreement.

We are accustomed to viewing our world dualistically. We often see black or white, rich or poor, etc. We see ourselves and a conflict, we see the victim (the other or ourselves), and we see the perpetrator. Then we say: the other is guilty, and often we mean that the other is blocking our happiness and development. When we lose our happiness because of those who threaten, hurt, deceive us, etc., we often feel like the victim. That’s when Ho’oponopono comes into play… There are always two sides to a coin and a story. Forgive yourself and others to live more freely and happily.



  • The session is one-sided. You are the receiver and I am the giver.
  • Touching or other actions from me are not allowed.

Allow it to be

  • Everything you feel and experience is allowed to be there and is okay. It’s all for you alone.

When you are ready

  • If you are ready for a ceremony, please send me a WhatsApp.