It takes guts to admit you have a problem…

Many of us are looking for release.

Why do we choose certain things to be addicted to? We are afraid to feel, afraid to check within ourselves what really matters, so we keep looking for redemption outside of ourselves instead within ourselves?

Addiction arises from bio-psychosocial aspects in the development of diseases, as well as the role that psychological traumatic events and stress play in this. I therefore promote relationship building and social connection as necessary resources. I also work with you in developing self-compassion. Yoga, meditation, bodywork, inner-child healing, connection, plant medicine sessions, coaching and guidance, forgiveness rituals, breathwork, trauma-release-breathwork, body-remember-trauma-therapy are methods that I use. To learn to develop a spiritual and healthy life.

Addiction defines any behavior or substance that a person uses to relieve pain in the short term, but which leads to negative consequences in the long term and which, despite this impact, is not renounced by the user. Without addressing the cause of the pain, a person may try to quit, but end up craving more relief, in other forms, and consequently be prone to relapse. According to this definition, there are many things in modern culture that can be addictive, such as gambling, sex, food, work, social media and drugs, buying behavior, power,  behaviour etc.

When we as a baby or toddler notice that something is wrong in our environment, think of a chronically stressed parent, a divorce, a lack of attention, or worse: sexual abuse or assault in any form – then the alarm bells of the baby ringing. I must survive!

In order to survive, we ignore ourselves and adapt as best we can to the needs of the people around us. In doing so, we dissociate ourselves from the emotional pain and tremendous fear that come with a lack of connection. We develop all kinds of survival mechanisms.

These processes take place while the baby or toddler’s brain is in full development. The basic attitude becomes one of: Please, love me!

I believe that as we grow up we often lose touch with our gut feeling. As an adult, the need for connection (acceptance) is important. We have often lost touch with our gut feeling and self-confidence and that is why we forget to trust ourselves and who we really are.

Back to life now. Have you ever noticed that many situations affect you emotionally?
.You feel lonely
.You have no life purpose or enjoyment in things
.You don’t feel seen or heard
.You are easily angry or irritated
.You can hardly tolerate criticism
.You always think you know better yourself
.You often feel neglected or not important enough
.Any other patterns and blockages that you suffer from.

We can partly understand these emotional feelings from the effect of our childhood experiences on the present. The experience now resembles the experience then, and that is precisely what makes the situations so charged! The experience now awakens a wound from the past, but is the incident now really that bad?

The above situations also arise when there are no classic traumatic events (such as sexual abuse) during childhood. There may also be old painful events. The scar tissue of an inner psychological wound makes you less flexible and it hardens and stiffens. In other words: The little you reacts in the same way as it did then. You are now the adult you and it is possible with the right guidance and different healing methodologies such as developing self-compassion, Yoga, meditation, bodywork, inner-child healing, connection, plant medicine sessions, coaching, talk sessions and guidance, forgiveness rituals, breathwork, trauma release breathwork, body remember trauma therapy. To experience such a spiritual and healthy life.

Of course, the willingness of yourself and a healthy amount of motivation are needed to overcome your addiction.

I am living proof that recovery and a healthy spiritual life is possible!
A life without obsessions is a much more pleasant life for you and your surroundings.
I may guide you to a more beautiful and free life without the flight to resources or any other obsession / addiction. The transition to a beautiful spiritual and healthy life gives your life so much added value. For yourself and your environment!

The possibility of reimbursement for these sessions is possible for people registered in the Netherlands. Ask about the possibilities.