Sound is a method in which sound and vibration affect your body, soul and spirit. It gives a relaxation and works on your feelings.
Working with Sound through sounds (vibrations + frequency Hz), vibrates through to your physical and your energetic body. The resonance works in your aura, deep into the chakras and the meridians. It provides a total therapeutic effect for the whole body, for all reflex zones and your spine.

I work with my voice, singing bowls, tuning forks and native instruments.
Sound can have different effects. Vibration gives a depth effect for body and mind. This creates a better energy circulation. It gives a deep relaxation. The soothing effect works quickly and the energy pathways are allowed to come back into balance.

Other positive effects are:
– reduction of (joint) pains
– loosens muscles
– more in touch with your own feelings
– emotions, power and intuition
– activate and support the self-healing ability
– physical and mental relaxation.
– more balance on energy level
– inviting to healing of your soul
– welcoming awareness and insights.

After sound therapy you feel more energetic, more positive, more confidence and relaxed. Your head is calm and you feel more grounded. You are one with your core again, one with your soul. It is also possible that after the removal of the tension a symptom reveals, which can then be worked on directly.