Embody Yourself

I will take you, or you as a couple, during this embody ceremony on a deep journey into the self!

In this ceremony the whole body participates.

To expand your inner container for presence, awareness, space holding, staying grounded, conducting emotions, move in process, increase your inner silence, patience. Acceptance and compassion for yourself, or/and your lover, if you come to this ceremony as a couple.

During the session we can also work on intimacy together. The desires, the blockages of yourself or for you as a couple. To learn to generate more flow and energy, and discover and experience a pleasant or possibly different way of intimacy, alone or together with your partner.

To dive and to deepen your self-knowledge, and/or that of your lover to be able to come together to a different and pleasant frequency. To learn to release and shed armour, convictions and patterns, which stands in the way for your inner essence to shine through.

We will work with body and mind. With contrasts and polarities. Feeling the inner container/stability when outside circumstances change, learning to embrace an unexpected action/happening without losing your grounding. To experience where your limitations lie, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or cognitive. There will be body movement, how to move alone and together with another body, voice and expression, meditations, breath and touch.

Of course always with respect for mutual boundaries and judgment.

We will work towards living your life from love, surrender, acceptance, fear and without judgment. A judgment often says more about yourself than about the other. The other is your mirror.

These embodiment ceremonies are pure and help you turn your attention inward to find love for yourself or for you as a couple.

Embodiment & Tantra

Tantra is een ANCIENT IndiaN PHilosoPHY

Tantra aims to let the energy flow throughout the body. This makes your life deeper, fuller, richer and more energetic. We as people often want our desires to be fulfilled immediately. We want instant gratification in everything. Just as small children. Tantra is more about desire. Tantra is not about arousing desire and quick gratification. The way of desire itself is also nice and to enjoy generating that energy and the energy that is released in the body. If you hold on to this energy and enjoy it, use it fully in your daily life, you get more energy, awareness and connection, with yourself and with everything and everyone around you.